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SPCrew Pre-sale for Bogota

on 29 Aug '12

The SPCrew Pre-sale for Bogota begins at 00:00am on Thursday, August 30th and ends at 23:59pm on Thursday, August 30th. During this time, SPCrew will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for this show before the general public. You will need the link noted below in order to purchase these tickets. If you are asked for a password, please use the one noted below. This link and password are for SPCrew use only. Should you have any issues purchasing tickets during the pre-sale period, please contact ticket express.

Pre-sale link for this date:

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Hey David!

on 29 Aug '12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! Have fun on your birthday! You're such an inspiration to al of us, Astronauts! We love you so much! I hope someday i'll meet you. Love from Philippines! xoxo. :)

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Happy Birthday David!!

on 29 Aug '12

:-) Happy Birthday to my favorite bass player!!! <3 

My BFF says Happy Birthday tooo!!

Love, Grace and Jacinta

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Joyeux Anniversaire David!!!

on 29 Aug '12

Bonne fête David.  Profite à fond de ta journée. Je t'aime fort <3


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isa's news

on 29 Aug '12

I'm new here 

but i'm so happy for this (:

I love simple plan 8 years ago and finally i can to go to simple plan concert in colombia ♥ ♥ :D