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Soundcheck Party | Early Entry

on 30 Apr '12

Event date: 2012-05-01
Venue: HMV Forum
Location: London, UK

The following SPCrew have qualified to attend the Soundcheck Party along with Early Entry into the venue. The number following each username is the number of spots that person has qualified for AND is dependent upon the following- EACH person entering the meet & greet MUST have an active SPCrew membership and be prepared to show that through membership laminate or print out of member page, if asked. Parents are the only exception. This list is final.

xmissdonnax    1
100drine    2
stenafi1502    1
xteamxdramaxox    1
jessica12345    2

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Soundcheck Party Opps for May

on 23 Apr '12

Make sure you READ everything below before completing any forms.

Signup for the May SPCrew Soundcheck Parties for the dates noted below begins right now! You will have until 11:59pm BST on Wednesday, April 25th to complete the form, linked below. Please MAKE SURE to complete the form, per these instructions, before the noted deadline, and we will accommodate as many SPCrew as possible. Keep reading...

If you already have a ticket to attend any of the following dates and the following dates ONLY with a ticket that was not purchased through the SPCrew Ticketing page, you will need to complete

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Tell Us In 30 Seconds

on 18 Apr '12

SPCrew- we want to hear from you! In 30 seconds or less, we want you to tell us why you love being part of the SPCrew family. You have 24 hours to send in your 30 second (or less) video clip via the instructions below.

How to Submit Your Clip:
After you record your 30 second (or less) video clip, add your video file to, enter into the 'enter friend's email address(es)' recipient field, and type your SPCrew username into the 'type your message' box, then hit transfer. That's it.

Some of these clips will be added into a video about encouraging people to

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Tomorrow We Turn Five!

on 17 Apr '12

SPCrew turns 5 tomorrow! First off, we want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been here from day one. And a huge thank you also goes out to each one of you who has become part of our SPCrew family each day since. We are bigger and stronger today than ever before!

If you are one of the SPCrew who was here from the very beginning, renew your membership now by clicking on 'Update Account Info' at the bottom of this page. This will take you to the membership page where you will be able to log in and then choose "SPCrew Membership - Renewal Year 5" as your product and click on order!

A new

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A Note in Regards to Communicating with the SPCrew Team

on 13 Apr '12

When you have a question, issue or concern about anything that has to do with your SPCrew membership, perks, the site… basically anything related to your SPCrew membership- please email and ONLY Sending the same email to multiple email addresses- especially those of not SPCrew- will only confuse the issue, possibly slow the response, and in the end will end up being filtered to and/or addressed by We cannot stress this enough so please help us help you by sticking to